18 februarie 2011


The European Union offers various opportunities for landscape architects. Furthermore the work of landscape architects is influenced more and more by specifications of the European Union.To enable good chances on the European employment market it is essential that the European Universities enlarge their teaching offers with European relevant teaching contents.
The project "Implementation of relevant European teaching contents in the studies of landscape architecture" (EU teach) handles this problem by researching and analysing EU relevant teaching contents.
The implementation of the relevant European teaching contents in the studies of landscape architecture is a project with six project-partners all over Europe.

This website wants to inform you about the contents of the project and the cooperation of its partners. The website is still on construction, if you have any questions please use the contact form or email-address to contact us, or sign up for the the newsletter to get more information. 
Summary of the project
Although European regulations (e.g. concerning environment, competition, or standard) have an impact on the professional work of landscape architects across Europe there are still no standards regarding the content of the European higher education of landscape architects. To assure the quality of university teaching regarding relevant European teaching contents for universities and to enhance the comparability of universities (and hence equal opportunities for students) the development of teaching offers within a teaching cluster regarding relevant European teaching contents for universities involved is proposed. Students of landscape architecture can use these teaching offers throughout Europe. The individual universities for landscape architecture contribute their sectoral expertise to these teaching offers. Thus the project wants to establish a university strategy all over Europe instead of fostering individual universities.
The project is the first stage of a two stage process, whose stage 2 deals with the specific development of teaching offers, organisational and legal questions etc. for finally developing and implementing a teaching cluster among landscape architecture universities.
The basis for developing the teaching cluster is stage 1 dealt with in this project: The basis is the definition of necessary relevant European teaching contents for the higher education of landscape architects and the development of a qualification profile all over Europe. An exemplary university analysis is carried out by means of the qualification profile. This analysis will reveal, amongst others, the expertise and possible development potential of the universities involved. The analysis results with the presentation of expertise and possible development potential is, among other factors, the first rough basis for developing the teaching cluster.

Aims and objectives
Most universities cannot fulfill the requirements regarding relevant European teaching contents, research or other activities on their own because of their lack of financial and staff resources particularly since the relevant European teaching contents include a broad based knowledge and know-how (amongst others about environmental laws, competitions, standard). Therefore there is an imbalance between the individual universities and as a consequence a lack of comparability of teaching contents. Providing the universities of landscape architecture with sufficient capacities at short notice is highly unlikely. The development of teaching offers at universities involved throughout Europe will cause the joining of individual expertise to one usable, shared and optimised "education cluster". This is important for guaranteeing the quality and necessary quantity of higher education regarding relevant European teaching contents. Universities can provide all other European universities for landscape architecture with their expertise (e.g. specialisation on specific topics, outstanding technical equipment, contacts to international institutions, etc.) due to the teaching contents developed by the universities and professionals of the branch all over Europe. The qualification profile can be guaranteed as practise oriented and in line with the market as the European foundation of landscape architects (EFLA) is involved. Students will benefit from this full range of experiences and offers and universities can focus and target their (often limited) capacities. This will also enhance the attractiveness of Europe as an area of higher education. Thereby the main targets of the Bologna process such as the comparability of education, quality assurance, the enhancement of professional qualification and equal opportunities can be pursued.
Fachhochschule Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
University of Applied Science
Institut for Landscape Architecture
Weihenstephaner Berg 17
85354 Freising
Email: info@eu-teach.eu

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