19 februarie 2011

Canary Island Manifest for the landscape as a project, 23th - 27th March 2011, Canary Islands (Gran Canary & Tenneriffe)


Wednesday 23rd March 2011
12:00 Press Conference
18:00-18:45 Introduction lecture. The Canary Island Observatory
18:45-19:15 Presentation of the Canary Island Observatory Publications
19,30h 20,30h Opening Conference

Thursday 24th March de 2011
09,00 h Registrations
09,30 h Opening
10,00h to 11,30h Lectures (6 speaker)
11,30h to 12,00h coffee break
12,00h to 13,30 Lectures (6 speaker)
13,30 h lunch
15,30 h to 17,00 h Lectures (6 speaker)
17,00 h to 17,30 h Coffee break
17,30 h to 18,30 h Round Table and conclusions
18,30 h Closing
19,00 h Opening of the Exhibition “Territories” Observatorio del paisaje de
Canarias and “Uniscape International Photo contest” Uniscape

Friday 25th March 2011
9:30 General Meeting Uniscape, CIVILSCAPE and Recep Enelc
13:00 Press conference: Canary Island Manifest for the Landscape as project
• RECEP-ENELC scientific committee
CIVILSCAPE Board - Policy Committee

Satuday 26th Visit to Tenerife
Cabildo de Tenerife Reception Tenerife Landscape laboratory
Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Observatorio del Paisaje de Canarias-Gobierno de Canarias

Cabildo de Tenerife

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