4 ianuarie 2011


This year, for one more year ECOWEEK brings together the best among ecologically minded-architects, designers, landscape architects, young professionals, and graduate students, in a week of creative thinking 'out of the box', cooperation, dialogue, intercultural exchange, networking, hard work and lots of fun!

ECOWEEK 2011 is a great opportunity for young professionals to learn about 'green' buildings, to hear and meet the best architects in the field, to learn from the best engineers and experts in the field, to train and gain experience in how to think, plan and design 'green'.

ECOWEEK includes lectures and keynote lectures by international speakers, documentaries, thematic lectures and interdisciplinary workshops, site visits, and more!

ECOWEEK has invited since 2005 internationally acclaimed speakers, expert architects, landscape architects and engineers to give lectures about their projects, explain how 'green' buildings work and how we design and operate them, to lead design workshops and share their experience, expertise and skills with young professioinals, and to give us insights and inspire us about sustainable solutions in design and beyond.

ECOWEEK 2011 takes place in March 28 - April 3, 2011 in Thessaloniki, northern Greece, an important port city, accessible by train from Europe, the Balkans, and Turkey. Thessaloniki, an ancient city dating back to Alexander the Great, has been home to many religions, ethnicities, languages and nationalities throughout history, traces and monuments of which can still be seen when walking through the city. ECOWEEK is very proud to hold its first conference and workshops in this important historic and inspiring city.


ECOWEEK is an independent non-governmental organization (NGO) with international activity. Its mission is to raise public environmental awareness and involvement of the public and especially young people, in environmental protection, 'green' building and initiating activities that promote the principles of Sustainability. ECOWEEK was established in Greece in 2005, and today is active in Greece, Cyprus and the Middle East. ECOWEEK ... habits change ... climate change

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