24 octombrie 2011

CIVILSCAPE General Assembly // Florence, November 11th 2011

The 2011 General Assembly will be held in Florence. The main issue will be the election of the president, vice-president, treasurer and board. Also the Advisory Board members will elected by the General Assembly delegates.

The General Assembly in Antverp 2010 has decided to have the this year meeting in Florence on the November 11th and 12th. The Board agrreed during the May meeting in Strasbourg to announce the following agenda and to approve the date.


1. Welcome address and Opening
by the President
2. Annual Report
by the General Secretary
3. Financial Report
by the Treasurer
4. CIVILSCAPE+10 - action plan for 2012-2014
5. Election of the President
6. Election of the Vice-President
7. Election of the Secretary General
8. Election of the Treasurer
9. Election of Board members
10. Election of the Advisory Board members
11. Next General Assembly
decision about date and place
12. Closing
by the President

The elections will be held regarding to the recent statutes. Bedside this the following information will be helpful to organize the elections:

The candidates for the different positions can be nominated beforehand but also during the General Assembly.

Please address your advance nominations to the Nomination Committee (c/o CIVILSCAPE Office Bonn). In case you nominate a candidate please let us know if you have already asked that persons they would really like to run for this office. Otherwise we will try to contact nominees before the election. In any case please provide us with the actual telephone number, e-mail and postal address of the nominee.

If you like to nominate yourself you are welcome to ask the Nomination Committee to promote you.

It is expected that candidates will be present at the election during the General Assembly. If this is not possible, we need a person who is willing to promote the candidate. In that case it is necessary to provide this person with the usual information: like the personal contribution to CIVILSCAPE, the future plans, ideas and agenda and also a brief CV including some personal information. These facts should allow the delegates to get a better impression of the candidate.

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