23 iunie 2010

The Journal of Landscape Architecture Issue 9 published

The current issue takes up landscape architecture’s relation to political ecology:

Brett Mlligan’s article Corporate Ecology offers a better basis for judgement of projects in this context. Roxi Thoren explores the relationship between cultures, place and material production in her paper The deep grain of the inquiry: landscape and identity in Icelandic art. Sonia Keravel’s Art of transmission: mediating meaning in contemporary French landscape design emphasizes the relations between a place and a public. In Unsettling eco-scapes – aesthetic performances for sustainable futures by Maria Hellström-Reimer links landscape architecture practices with ecological theory and gives a hint to landscape architects on how to represent matters of concern – if the goal is a sustainable future. This issue’s Thinking Eye shows multi-sensory notation projects in Versailles Gardens by Catherine Szanto. And finally, Under the Sky’s From public garden to corporate plaza: Piccadilly Gardens and the new civic landscape by Rowland Byass expresses the danger of inadequate representation.

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